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First game Wii Sports Resort
Number of players 1-4 alternating
Peripherals needed None
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Frisbee is a sport that first appeared in Wii Sports Resort. It supports Frisbee Dog and Frisbee Golf.


Players hold a Wii Remote vertically and swing it left or right while holding b to swing the Frisbee. The game also has an “automatic” mode where players swing the Wii Remote without holding b.

Frisbee Dog

In Frisbee Dog, players attempt to get the frisbee inside a circle for points. The closer to the middle of the circle the Frisbee lands in, the more points players get. If the player is able to make the dog jump to catch the Frisbee, they gain the most amount of points. 10 points if the dog catches the frisbee in the turquoise ring, 50 points if the dog catches the frisbee in the orange ring, and 100 points if the dog catches the frisbee in the purple ring.

There are 10 rounds. During the last five throws, the "Balloon Challenge" takes place, which involves a balloon appearing in the area. If the player manages to pop the balloon, they gain extra points.

Frisbee Golf

In Frisbee Golf, players throw a Frisbee across a golf course and try to make it reach a tower of light in as few throws as possible. The rules stay the same as regular golf.

There are 3 types of discs.

  • Putter (<30yd)
  • Mid-Range (<90yd)
  • Driver (<1800yd)