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WSR Cycling Road Race Menu Icon.png
WSR Cycling VS Menu Icon.png
Icon for Cycling in Wii Sports Resort
First game Wii Sports Resort
Number of players 1-2 simultaneous (Road Race), 2 simultaneous (VS)
Peripherals needed Nunchuk
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Cycling is a sport that first appeared in Wii Sports Resort. It is one of four that uses the Nunchuk, and one of three that requires it.


Players hold a Wii Remote in their right hand and a Nunchuk in their left hand. Swing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk up and down to accelerate, and hold b or z to brake. Twist the Wii Remote and Nunchuk left or right to turn in that direction. The player has three hearts, if they loses all 3 hearts, they'll run out of breath and take a drink to refill health.

Road Race

In Road Race, players cycle through Wuhu Island in one lap and overtake other cyclists to make it into first place. In the 1-stage races, it starts off with you being in 30th place, the 3-stage races starts you in 50th place, and the 6-stage race starts you in 100th place. In 2 player mode, both players are on the same bike.


In VS, players race to see who can complete one lap around the island first. Each player has 3 random CPU Miis.