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WS Main Menu Boxing screenshot.png
Boxing being selected from the main menu of Wii Sports
First game Wii Sports
Latest game Wii Sports Club
Number of players 1-2 simultaneous
Peripherals needed Nunchuk (Wii Sports)
A second Wii Remote (Wii Sports Club)
Real-world equivalent Boxing
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Boxing is one of five sports in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club. The object of the game is to strike your opponent until they run out of stamina while avoiding their attacks. It is the only game in Wii Sports to use the Nunchuk peripheral.

This sport is based on Western Boxing.


Versus screen before the game

Wii Sports

Two opponents face each other in the boxing ring. There are three rounds, each lasting up to three minutes. The player must mimic the movement of punching using the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk, each in one hand. The Mii can hit in places based on where the player swings the controllers. Sometimes, strikes are slowed down for dramatic effect. Players can also dodge by tilting the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and dodging attacks also slows down the game so that players can quickly strike back.

The boxers' stamina are represented by pie charts broken into 10 pieces. Pieces fade away as the boxers keep hitting each other, with more powerful strikes taking away more pieces. Once a boxer's stamina is depleted, they collapse. The announcer counts up to 10, and if the Mii doesn't wake up before time is up, it counts as a knockout and the standing Mii wins the round.

Wii Sports Club

In Wii Sports Club, Boxing now uses a second Wii Remote to control both hands instead of a Nunchuk, although there is a play with one Wii Remote option. The game remains relatively unchanged from its appearance in Wii Sports. Most modifications are cosmetic, and any notable changes are listed below:

  • If a player is hit enough times in the head, they become dizzy, and are unable to punch for a short period.
  • Players will now get up after being knocked over based on how hard they were hit, instead of randomly.
  • Player health meters are now more precise, updating with each hit.
  • Rounds are now separated with a cutscene of the Miis getting some water, and the referee announcing the round via a sign.


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  • In this sport, female Miis wear white tank tops while male Miis are shirtless. Their shorts will match their favorite color while the boxing gloves match the player color (P1 is blue while P2/CPU is red).
  • After defeating the champion, holding 1 during the black screen will turn the player's gloves silver.