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First game Wii Sports Resort
Number of players 1-4 alternating
Peripherals needed None
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Reason: Wii Sports Resort

Wakeboarding is the 2nd sport in Wii Sports Resort, where it first originated. The goal is to earn points by doing tricks off waves.


Players hold the Wii Remote horizontally (with d-pad on the left) and tilt it left or right to move while being towed by the boat for 2 minutes. They can swing the Wii Remote when jumping off waves to do tricks. They'll earn points if their board lands flat on the water, The higher their jumps are the better points they get, but falling in the water doesn’t earn points.

On higher difficulties, there are some objects on the water that can cause the player to fall in the water. There are three difficulties: beginner, intermediate, and expert. Beginner and intermediate are set to daytime while expert is set to the evening.