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NSS Volleyball Icon.svg
Icon for Volleyball
First game Nintendo Switch Sports
Number of players 4 simultaneous
Peripherals needed None
Real-world equivalent Wikipedia page
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Volleyball is a sport that appears in Nintendo Switch Sports. It is a 2 vs 2 sport that allows for online play. It has a mechanic known as a "supercharged spike" when the ball is hit with good timing.


Two teams stand on each side of the court. One player stands in the service area and serves the ball by swinging their Joycon up. Both teams then attempt to ground the ball on the other team's side. As the match goes on, the game will tell the player which move they can do next based on the actions in the game (for example, after a teammate sets the ball, the game may tell the player to spike it). However, depending on where the ball actually ends up, the player might not be able to perform the recommended move and the game will suggest something else. The player will still need to perform actions as if they were playing a real game of volleyball.

The following moves are playable:

  • Serve
  • Bump
  • Jump
  • Spike
  • Block

Added in the version 1.2.0 update on July 26, 2022 [1]

  • Slide Attack
  • Rocket Serve

The game ends when one team makes it to anywhere between 5-7 points.


  • Despite being in an indoor court, this version of Volleyball is more similar to Beach Volleyball due to having only up to two players on each side, with indoor volleyball usually having six players.