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WS Main Menu Tennis screenshot.png
Tennis being selected from the main menu of Wii Sports
First game Wii Sports
Latest game Nintendo Switch Sports
Other game(s) Wii Sports Club
Number of players 1-4 simultaneous
Peripherals needed None
Real-world equivalent Tennis
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Tennis is one of five sports in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club, and one of seven in Nintendo Switch Sports. The object of the game is to use the racket to hit the ball over the net and have it bounce more than once on the opposing team's side. The rules are similar to that of real tennis, but simpler.


Wii Sports

A Mii hitting the ball.

To play tennis, the Wii remote is swung as a real tennis racket would be. The timing of the swing, and height of the remote determine the direction ball goes.

Scoring is calculated in a way very similar to real-life tennis, as four points are required to win a game. 0 to 3 point scores are described as "love", 15, 30, and 40, respectively. If both players have three points, the score is called "deuce", and the player who scores next gets the "advantage". In the next serve, if the player with "advantage" scores, they win. If the player without "advantage" scores, the game returns to deuce.

Each round is started by the designated server, who serves the tennis ball for the game. The non-serving team alternates positions between rounds. After every game a new server is chosen from the other team. If the server hits the ball at its peak, it becomes a fastball, which moves extra quickly and generates a white trail behind it.

Both the front and back player can hit the ball at any time, so the front player is very useful, especially in more difficult rounds. The mode can be played with a single game, best of 3, or best of 5. Best of 5 earns the most skill for the players. Each team has a yellow counter which keeps track of their wins.


Tennis is always played in doubles, so CPUs will fill in if spots are left empty. CPUs are selected with skill slightly higher than the player. If two human players are selected, one CPU with a similar skill is set for each of them. Skill ratings only increase in matches against CPUs, and will not change if each side has a human player. The game also allows the same Mii to occupy multiple slots, and players can control all slots at once if they wish. It is also possible for all slots to be CPUs in Wii Sports. The audience consists of randomly-generated Miis, as well as Miis from the Parade.

Wii Sports Club

In Wii Sports Club, Tennis remains largely unchanged from its previous appearance. Most modifications are cosmetic. Notable changes are as listed:

  • The scoring system is changed using the tiebreak system so that each point counts as 1, and 7 points are required to win.
  • Matches now require at least one human player, so CPU-only matches are not available.
  • Smash hits and topspin have been added.
  • After defeating the champion, holding 1 during the black screen will give the player's a frying pan.

Nintendo Switch Sports

NSS Tennis Icon.svg
Tennis icon in Nintendo Switch Sports

The rules stay the same as they did in Wii Sports, only that players must control two characters if they are not paired with another human player and it’s not possible to watch CPU games. The game takes place in an indoor court as opposed to outdoors. If the player has to reach out to swing and hit the ball, the ball spins through the air. When an opponent hits the spinning ball, it is automatically a fastball.


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Wii Sports

Wii Sports Club

Nintendo Switch Sports


  • If 2 is held during the black screen after the warning in Wii Sports, the game is played on the blue training court instead of the usual green and grassy court.
  • The audience is significantly smaller in CPU-only matches in Wii Sports.
  • In Nintendo Switch Sports, it is possible to splash the ball into the water in the background.
  • In the staff credits of Nintendo Switch Sports, there is a tennis mini-game where the player can hit the ball against the scrolling wall of names. Performing 50 consecutive hits awards the player with the "Staffer" title.