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Plaza Tickets are a usable item in StreetPass Mii Plaza. They are obtained by meeting certain criteria in a DLC game, and can be used to obtain Outfits and Speech Bubbles. All DLC (with the exception of DLC Pack 3 games, which have no plaza tickets) have 22 Plaza tickets. Below are all the Plaza Tickets in the game, and how to obtain them

Plaza Tickets

All Plaza Tickets
Game Condition Additional Info
Mii Force Beat the boss of 1-1.
Beat the boss of 1-2.
Beat the boss of 1-3.
Clear a mission with all pods intact.
Defeat a total of 5,000 enemies.
Get 100 pods through missions intact.
Unlock all reputations.
Recover all lost treasures.
Hit every mission's target score.
Flower Town Enter tenth plant into journal.
Enter fifteenth plant into journal.
Learn the basics of gardening.
Welcome 500 guests.
Warrior's Way Build your very own castle.
Hire 20 bands of mercenaries.
Take in 300 groups of soldiers.
Defeat an army larger than yours.
Peacefully greet other monarchs 100 times.
Defeat a monarch from afar. Defeat another player with Warrior's Way installed, with save data.
Defeat 50 monarchs from afar.
Battle monarchs from afar 100 times.
Battle monarchs from afar 300 times.
Defeat 10 monarchs from afar in a row.
Defeat an army 1.5 times the size of yours.
Defeat an army twice the size of yours.
Assemble an army 10,000 strong.
Assemble an army 100,000 strong.
Assemble an army 1,000,000 strong.
Conquer a country.
Conquer 10 countries.
Fortify your castle.
Achieve a castle rank of 10.
Achieve a castle rank of 20.
Land your first critical strike. Completely Random chance.
Conquer the world twice.
Monster Manor Clear the first floor.
Clear the fifth floor.
Clear the fifteenth floor.
Clear the thirtieth floor.
Set a total of 100 pieces.
Completely fill a floor with pieces.
Open a total of 100 chests.
Defeat a total of 100 enemies.
Team up a total of 10 times. Encounter a Mii in the Manor that has Monster Manor installed, with save data. Or pass a Special Mii (encounter still required).
Solve a total of 10 puzzle boxes.
Solve every puzzle box.
Collect all the weapons.
Find a plaza ticket in a wooden chest. Completely random. Applies to all chess related criteria
Find a second plaza ticket in a wooden chest.
Find a plaza ticket in a iron chest.
Find a second plaza ticket in a iron chest.
Find a plaza ticket in a bronze chest chest.
Find a second plaza ticket in a bronze chest.
Find a plaza ticket in a silver chest.
Find a second plaza ticket in a silver chest.
Find a plaza ticket in a gold chest.
Find a second plaza ticket in gold chest.
Ultimate Angler Clear an island.
Clear two islands.
Clear three islands.
Clear three islands.
Clear four islands.
Clear five islands.
Clear six islands.
Clear seven islands.
Clear eight islands.
Clear all islands.
Land 10 catches.
Land 100 catches.
Land 300 catches.
Land 500 catches.
Land 10 species.
Land 40 species.
Land 80 species.
Land A+ catches for 10 species. Mainly random, however, can be influenced with a lot of the same type of bait.
Buy another design.
Buy a seventh design.
View someone else's tank. Pass another player who has Ultimate Angler save data, and has interacted with their tank at least once
Battleground Z Find a weapon.
Find 10 different weapons.
Find all weapons.
Defeat 500 zombies.
Defeat 1,000 zombies
Defeat 3,000 zombies.
Earn 30 medals.
Earn 70 medals.
Meet 100 survivors.
Meet 200 survivors.
Meet 300 survivors.
Try every showdown.
[Birthdays] Collect 10 birthdays.
Collect 50 birthdays.
Collect 100 birthdays.
Collect all of January.
Collect all of February This also includes February 29
Collect all of March.
Collect all of April.
Collect all of May.
Collect all of June.
Collect all of July.
Collect all of August.
Collect all of September.
Collect all of October.
Collect all of November.
Collect all of December.
Collect all of Collect your own birthday. Unlike the Accomplishment, it does not need to currently be the Miis birthday.

Note: In Mii Force, Flower Town, and Battleground Z, some of these listings may not show up when checking plaza ticket information, instead showing as "???". This is just a sign that you haven't progressed far enough into the game. For StreetPass Birthdays, this means you haven't achieved the previous task for that category (Ex: "Collect 100 birthdays" would be available, but "Collect 200 birthdays" would not because the former has not been accomplished yet.)


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