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SMP Find Mii Title Screen replay screenshot.png
Find Mii's title screen.
This article is about the StreetPass Mii Plaza game, and should not be confused with the Wii Play mini-game of the same name.

Find Mii (called StreetPass Quest outside of North America) is one of fourteen sub-games in StreetPass Mii Plaza, and one of two games alongside Puzzle Swap that is initially accessible to the player. This sub-game is a role-playing game in which the player can recruit heroes with Play Coins. By playing Find Mii, the player is able to earn hats that the Miis in their plaza can then wear. Certain hats can only be unlocked on the second playthrough of the sub-game. Completing Find Mii twice unlocks Find Mii II.


The ruler sitting in a cage atop Mirage Tower after they are kidnapped.

In Find Mii, the player's Mii is the ruler of their own kingdom. Just as they settle into a royal slumber, they are kidnapped by a group of ghosts and brought to the Ultimate Ghost at the top of the Mirage Tower. In order to restore peace to the kingdom, troops of warriors are required to pass through difficult terrain, where they encounter various types of hostile ghosts. Throughout this journey, the player's Mii will provide useful hints regarding how to bypass certain difficult obstacles.

Upon reaching the summit of Mirage Tower, the heroes must contend with a powerful armored fiend who guards the cage in which the player's Mii is trapped. When the boss is defeated, the cage is lowered and the bottom opens up, temporarily freeing the player's Mii. However, just as the Mii rejoices in their newfound freedom, the Ultimate Ghost grabs them, prompting a more difficult final battle and causing the first hero in line to flee from fright.

Once the Ultimate Ghost is finally defeated, he will dissolve, allowing the player's Mii to roam free once and for all. The player's Mii thanks the heroes and commends their courage before waving at the player, thus ending the sub-game.


Recruiting heroes

A hero physically attacking an enemy. Note the damage output corresponding to the level of the hero.

In Find Mii, a level 1–2 wandering hero can be recruited with 2 Play Coins. These heroes take the form of anthropomorphic dogs or cats, depending on what the player has set their preference to in StreetPass Mii Plaza. Up to 10 heroes can be recruited at once, so it is necessary to recruit multiple squadrons of heroes in order to complete the sub-game. The player can also recruit as many as three Miis from their plaza at a time. Miis can be anywhere from level 1 to level 7; this number directly corresponds with the number of StreetPass interactions the player has had with a given Mii. The higher a hero's level, the more damage they are able to deal with both melee and magic attacks.


Once a group of heroes has been recruited, they will travel room by room to defeat the enemies found within. Though the foes in Find Mii do not get the opportunity to attack, each hero can only attack once before being scared off or having to retreat from fatigue. Therefore, the more Miis or wandering heroes the player recruits, the fewer attempts are needed to bypass each room.

Only one hero can attack at a time in Find Mii. Heroes have three combat options in this sub-game, as listed below.

  • Attack: A hero will attack with their sword, dealing a mild amount of damage to one enemy. This option allows for the possibility of a hero receiving an extra strike, or even landing a critical hit to deal more damage.
  • Magic: A hero will cast a particular spell depending on the color of their shirt. The effects of magic apply to all enemies.
  • Return: A hero will return to the back of the line, giving their turn to the next hero in line.

Some enemies in Find Mii are immune to certain types of magic, while others carry shields that protect against melee attacks but break if a certain-colored Mii strikes them. Enemies' strengths and weaknesses are important considerations in the completion of this sub-game.

The player is able to speed up the gameplay in Find Mii by holding the left or right shoulder buttons.


The different types of magic and their effects are outlined in the table below.

Magic in Find Mii  
Color Effect(s)
Red Deals damage to all enemies. Blue Ghosts are especially vulnerable to red magic while Blood Ghosts are immune to it.
Orange Allows the next heroes in line to land an extra hit with a melee attack.
Yellow Decreases the accuracy of the heroes' melee attacks and the enemies' attacks.
Light green Temporarily puts enemies to sleep, allowing heroes to attack more often.
Green Doubles the level of the next hero.
Blue Deals damage to all enemies. Blood Ghosts are particularly vulnerable to blue magic while Blue Ghosts are immune.
Light blue Immobilizes enemies, allowing heroes to land multiple extra hits with melee attacks.
Pink Increases the chance of the next heroes in line landing a critical hit.
Purple Poisons all enemies, causing them to take 1 HP of poison damage every turn.
Brown Summons a wandering hero with a random shirt color in the place of the one who cast the spell. This hero, who takes the form of an anthropomorphic rabbit, is either the same level as the previous hero or one level lower.
White Illuminates a dark room, allowing the enemies within it to be fought.
Black Darkens an already bright room, requiring white magic to continue the fight.


There are thirteen rooms in Find Mii. Unlike in Find Mii II, every room in Find Mii is mandatory to complete the sub-game, and the player is unable to choose their own path. The rooms in Find Mii are as follows:

Rooms in Find Mii  
Room # Name Enemies Treasures Notes
1 Fort of Summoning - Entrance
  • Ghost
  • Mario's Cap (first playthrough)
  • Luigi's Cap (second playthrough)
2 Fort of Summoning - B1F
  • Ghost (×2)
3 Fort of Summoning - B2F
  • Blue ghost
4 Gloomy Grotto - Entrance
  • Ghost
  • Blue ghost
  • Cat Ears (first playthrough)
  • Blue Pikmin Hat (second playthrough)
The ghost in this room carries a yellow shield that can only be broken with yellow magic.
5 Gloomy Grotto - West
  • Armored ghost
6 Gloomy Grotto - East
  • Blood ghost
  • Red Pikmin Hat (first playthrough)
  • Bunny Ears (second playthrough)
7 Gloomy Grotto - Exit
  • Armored ghost
  • Blue ghost
  • Kirby Hat (first playthrough)
8 Mirage Tower - Entrance
  • Blue ghost
  • Armored ghost
  • Link's Cap (first playthrough)
  • Bowser Hat (second playthrough)
The blue ghost in this room carries a light blue shield that can only be broken with light blue magic.
9 Mirage Tower - Ground
  • Blood ghost
  • Dog Ears (first playthrough)
10 Mirage Tower - 1F
  • Armored demon
  • Toad Hat (second playthrough)
11 Mirage Tower - 2F
  • Armored demon
  • Armored ghost
  • Yellow Pikmin Hat (second playthrough)
12 Mirage Tower - 3F
  • Armored demon (×2)
  • Samus's Helmet (first playthrough)
  • Metroid Hat (second playthrough)
This room is dark, and the enemies within can only be fought if a hero uses white magic.
13 Mirage Tower - Summit
  • Ultimate Ghost
  • Crown (first playthrough)
  • Ultimate Helmet (second playthrough)
Defeating the Ultimate Ghost completes the sub-game.


Enemies in Find Mii  
Image Name Health Characteristics Notes
SMP Find Mii ghost screenshot.png Ghost 7 HP
SMP Find Mii Blue ghost screenshot.png Blue ghost 25 HP
  • Invulnerable to blue magic
  • Red magic does twice as much damage
A Blue ghost carrying a light blue shield can be found in Mirage Tower - Entrance. It is invulnerable to melee attacks until the shield is broken, which can only be accomplished with light blue magic.
SMP Find Mii Armored Ghost screenshot.png Armored ghost 10 HP
  • Reduces melee attack damage by 1
SMP Find Mii Blood Ghost screenshot.png Blood ghost 50 HP
  • Invulnerable to red magic
  • Blue magic does twice as much damage
SMP Find Mii Armored Demon screenshot.png Armored demon 25 HP
  • Reduces melee attack damage by 1
SMP Find Mii Armored Fiend Screenshot.png Armored fiend 60 HP
  • Reduces melee attack damage by 1
SMP Find Mii Ultimate Ghost screenshot.png Ultimate Ghost 145/150 HP When the Ultimate Ghost is first encountered, the first wanderer to approach him will flee in fright. Moreover, the Ultimate Ghost gains 5 additional HP (for a total of 150) on the second playthrough of Find Mii.