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Monster Manor
Monster Manor Title.png
Title screen for Monster Manor
Developer(s) Prope Ltd.
Release date(s) Japan June 18 2013
Europe June 18 2013
North America July 12 2013
Game chronology
Previous game
Warrior's Way
Next game
Ultimate Angler
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Monster Manor, named Streetpass Mansion in Europe, and すれちがい迷宮 (Surechigai Meikyu, StreetPass Labyrinth), was a piece of downloadable content for StreetPass Mii Plaza developed by Prope Ltd. The DLC was released on June 18, 2013 in Japan and Europe, and July 12, 2013. The game focused of the Player and their detective ally Iris Archwell, investigating a Haunted Manor, with the goal being to escape it, and find out the mystery of the manor along the way.


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The game begins with the player's Mii approaching the outskirts of the mansion, after receiving a letter from Iris Archwell, explaining how she went into the mansion to solve it's mysteries. upon approaching the gates, the player is picked up by a skeletal hand, dumping them inside it's entrance. After being attacked by 2 ghosts (and realizing they're locked out) the player is saved by Iris, attacking the ghosts with her Blaster. She then explains how the mansion has a curse that made most of it's rooms disappear, and how many other Miis are trapped too. Handing you a piece of a map she also explains her plan to reach the top floor of the mansion by collecting the other Mii's map pieces. With a Rusty Blaster in hand, you set off together to unravel the mysteries of the mansion.

Map Gameplay

Miis brought in with StreetPass (and/or animals purchased with Play Coins) give the player a random map piece that is their favorite color. The player must use map pieces given to them to create a route to find the stairs to the next floor. Map pieces must touch each other directly in order to be used.

If pieces of the same color are combined, then a large room will be formed, with (a) chest(s), a magical orb, and/or another Mii.

Better chest will be formed when bigger rooms are made, with even better chest only being available if a big room is made at once (creating a room that is big, instead of just expanding one). Better chest having better gear/items.

The magical orb allows the player to upgrade weapons with Gems and other items, access their extradimensional box for storing/retrieving items, and turn items/weapons into Gems. The magical orb can only be used once in a room, unless the room is expanded by adding more matching pieces.

A Mii will be very different depending on if they have Monster Manor save data. If they do, you'll be given the option to team up with them, which will provide stat increases, or get a random item from them. If they don't, they will give you a puzzle to solve within a time limit, which if solved in time, will reward the player with Gems.

Battle Gameplay

Sometimes, when a player makes a new path with a new colored piece, a monster will spawn, and attack.

  • This is mainly random, with a few exceptions:
    • The tutorial will always spawn a monster
    • By viewing the bottom screen, the player may see red dots, which represents monsters.

When a monster is encountered, a fight will begin. The player must use their weapon to defeat the monster. Different monsters are different types, with each monster type having a weakness of the weapon type of the same color (green monster type being weak to green weapon type, etc.) When the monster attacks, the player can either defend with "L", or attempt to do a counter attack. All moves (with the exception of trying to escape, and switching weapons) use Battery, which is shown underneath the weapons charge level. By waiting, the battery level will slowly recharge. If the player defeats the monster, they will be rewarded with xp for their weapon, and some gems, with extra xp/gems being rewarded if the monster was defeated in one attack/0 damage was taken. If the player runs out of HP, all remaining pieces will be discarded, and the game will end.


On some floors, in order to go up the stairs, the player must first defeat a boss. The player can choose to do so at any time.

Plaza Tickets

Just like every other Pack 1 game, this game has 22 Plaza tickets. Below is each listing, how to get them, and a note, if necessary

Plaza Tickets
How to get it Note
Clear the first floor.
Clear the fifth floor.
Clear the fifteenth floor.
Clear the thirtieth floor.
Set a total of 100 pieces.
Completely fill a floor with pieces.
Open a total of 100 chests.
Defeat a total of 100 enemies.
Team up a total of 10 times. Encounter a Mii in the Manor that has Monster Manor installed, with save data. Or pass a Special Mii (encounter still required).
Solve a total of 10 puzzle boxes.
Solve every puzzle box.
Collect all the weapons.
Find a plaza ticket in a wooden chest. Completely random. Applies to all chess related criteria
Find a second plaza ticket in a wooden chest.
Find a plaza ticket in a iron chest.
Find a second plaza ticket in a iron chest.
Find a plaza ticket in a bronze chest chest.
Find a second plaza ticket in a bronze chest.
Find a plaza ticket in a silver chest.
Find a second plaza ticket in a silver chest.
Find a plaza ticket in a gold chest.
Find a second plaza ticket in gold chest.