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Puzzle Swap is one of fourteen sub-games in StreetPass Mii Plaza, and one of two games alongside Find Mii that is initially accessible to the player. This sub-game is a collect-a-thon, focused on obtaining puzzle pieces through fellow StreetPass users or through Play Coins. After all pieces for a puzzle are collected, the puzzle will be completed and will display a special image for the player to view.


The primary focus of Puzzle Swap is to collect puzzle pieces in order to complete puzzles, usually themed after 3DS, Wii, and Wii U games. After tagging a user through StreetPass, the player can choose from the tagged users' obtained pieces for ones that they need. If the tagged user has multiple pieces for a puzzle that the player needs, there is a chance the player will receive bonus pieces alongside the piece they selected.

Each player is given one blue and one pink puzzle piece to start off with, with pieces for new puzzles occasionally given out through SpotPass. Blue pieces can be obtained through tagging users or for 2 Play Coins each, while pink pieces can only be obtained through tagged users. The downside that comes from purchasing blue pieces through Play Coins is that if a puzzle is incomplete, it may give the player a blue piece they already have, therefore making it redundant.

After all pieces for a puzzle are collected, the puzzle will be complete, and will display an (often times 3D animated) image. Some puzzles are restricted to certain regions, making collecting all puzzles impossible depending on the system's region.


Puzzles in Puzzle Swap  
Image Name Description Region