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All of the training modes

Training is a mode in Wii Sports which allows players to hone their skills in each of the five sports with exercises. Initially, some of the modes are locked, and require the previous mode for that sport to be played.


Training modes
Training mode Image Flavor text Description Sport
Returning Balls WS Training Returning Balls screenshot.png Return the ball inside the court. Just relax and focus on hitting the ball. A CPU Mii serves balls to the player. The game ends when either the player misses the ball, or gets it out. Tennis
Timing Your Swing WS Training Timing Your Swing screenshot.png Return the ball into the orange bar. Watch your timing, and aim each shot carefully. A CPU Mii serves balls to the player. The player must hit the ball back within a certain area, marked in orange. Tennis
Target Practice WS Training Target Practice screenshot.png Volley the ball off the wall and hit the targets. Controlling your swing speed and strength is essential in aiming your shots. The player must hit the ball at a target on a wall dividing the court. Every time the target is hit, it breaks and reappears in a new location on the wall. Hitting the wall enough times breaks a hole in it. If the ball escapes the player, or goes through the wall, the game ends. Tennis
Hitting Home Runs WS Training Hitting Home Runs screenshot.png Watch the ball, and try to hit it out of the park. Timing is everything! A CPU Mii pitches 10 balls to the player. The goal is to hit a home run each time. Baseball
Swing Control WS Training Swing Control screenshot.png Hit into the target zones on the field. Master this, and you'll be a pro in no time! A CPU Mii pitches 10 balls to the player. The goal is to hit the ball at a certain angle, which is defined with blue stripes on the field, and changes every few balls. Baseball
Batting Practice WS Training Batting Practice screenshot.png The pitcher will keep throwing those balls, so focus on making fast, compact swings! A CPU Mii pitches 50 balls to the player rapidly. The object is to hit as many as possible, especially in a row. Baseball
Picking Up Spares WS Training Picking Up Spares screenshot.png Knock down the pins with a single throw. Twist your wrist to curve the ball. The player is given a lane with only a few pins left. They must knock over all of the pins left in one try. After they do, they move on to another lane with a different arrangement of pins. After they fail 5 times, the game ends. Bowling
Spin Control WS Training Spin Control screenshot.png Avoid the barriers in the lane and knock down the pin. You'll have to balance speed and spin. The player must hit a single pin, while avoiding barriers placed around the lane. Knocking over the pin moves the player on to the next lane, and failing 5 times ends the game. Bowling
Power Throws WS Training Power Throws screenshot.png Knock down as many pins as you can. A new row will be added after each set. Strikes double your score! The player starts out with a regular 10-pin lane, and gets one bowl. There are 10 rounds, each with an additional row of pins up to 96 pins. The goal is to hit as many pins as possible. Bowling
Putting WS Training Putting screenshot.png Drop it in the cup with a single putt. Check the lay of the green by pressing 1. The player is placed on the green, and given 1 shot to putt the ball in the cup. Failure 5 times ends the game. Golf
Hitting the Green WS Training Hitting the Green screenshot.png Land the ball as close to the pin as possible. Practice your stroke to check the power of your swing. Hold A to approach the ball. The player is placed somewhat near the green, and must use the wedge to get the ball anywhere on the green in 1 shot. There are 10 rounds. Golf
Target Practice WS Training Target Practice 2 screenshot.png Hit the target with the ball. Before you take your swing, be sure to read the wind direction. The player must hit the ball onto a large target positioned at the other end of a pond. There are 10 rounds, with different wind each time. Hitting the ball closer to the center of the target yields more points. Golf
Working the Bag WS Training Working the Bag screenshot.png Throw punches at the punching bags until you knock the off their chains. Well-aimed combo punches are key. The player must punch punching bags until they break. They are given a certain amount of time, and must break as many as possible. Boxing
Dodging WS Training Dodging screenshot.png Your trainer throws ball after ball at you. Move left and right to avoid getting hit. Matt throws 50 balls at the player, and they must dodge them to get points. Getting hit loses points. Boxing
Throwing Punches WS Training Throwing Punches screenshot.png Watch your trainer's mitts, and try to hit all of them. You lose points if you hit your trainer. Matt holds out mitts, and the player must punch them to get points. Hitting Matt loses points. Boxing