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Hi! the first time I got introduced to the Mii's was on a Galaxy Edition 3DS. Mii's are still the best form of avatar creation to this day because of the wacky scaling options that other avatar editors don't give you. Also The games are really good. You should play them!

Things to do for the wiki

  1. Add Userbox templates.
  2. Finish up the Swapnote and Rusty's Real Deal Baseball articles. these are my top prioirty, as i own these games fully.
  3. FInish Sandbox


  1. 9/9/23: Autopatrol
  2. 9/12/23: Uploaded the 1,400th image.

Other Links and Side Projects

Wiki Stuff


  • Discord Username: meltanflood808
  • 3DS Friend Code: 3583-6246-0581.