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Miitopia's built-in Mii Maker

The Mii Maker, also known as Mii Channel, is an application found on the Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch systems that can be used to create Miis. There are also some games that include their own Mii Makers (some out of necessity, like Tomodachi Collection, and some for extra features, like Miitopia). In addition, the official Nintendo website has a feature known as Mii Studio that allows the user to create and edit Miis online, including retrieving/copying them from a Nintendo Network ID.[1]

Mii Maker Variants

Mii Channel

A bunch of Miis in the Mii Channel

The Mii Channel on the Wii was the first Mii Maker. The menu is a large, empty plaza where a max of 100 Miis can be stored. There are a few options on the menu such as creating, editing, or erasing a Mii, with other options like linking a DS or 3DS, or importing Miis in and out of a Wii Remote. The Wii U, being backwards compatible with the Wii, has its own Mii Channel accessible through the Wii Menu with every feature returning except importing Miis into and out of Wii Remotes.

Mii Parade

The Mii Parade is a section of the Mii Channel where you can drag a Mii into a parade. You can have up to 10,000 Miis in the parade and take them back into the main plaza at any time (if there is space). Sending a Mii to the Mii Parade will erase its data (with the exception of its name).

Mii Maker (3DS and Wii U)

The Mii Maker on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U have a lot of similarities to the Mii Channel, but the 3DS Mii Maker is split into ten rooms with ten Miis at a time in each one while the Wii U organizes them on a shelf in horizontal rows. This Mii Maker also introduced the Personal Mii, a Mii that could not be removed from favorites and was the default Mii automatically selected in some games and apps. Also, players now have more Mii parts to work with, such as more hair styles, eyes, and mouths. A new feature was added to the Mii Maker; players are able to take a photo of themselves and generate the photo into a Mii. Players can also import Miis from a QR code, and on the Wii U players can import Miis from the Wii mode Mii Channel.

Miitopia Mii Maker (3DS)

The Miitopia Mii Maker added the ability to add non-natural colors to some Mii parts, like bright red and teal. If a Mii is imported from Miitopia to the Mii Maker, the colors would be revered to default colors.

Tomodachi Life Mii Maker

The Tomodachi Life Mii Maker doesn't add any extra body parts but did add more personal features such as the ability to add a first and last name, birth year, voices, and a Personality.

Miitomo Mii Maker (iOS/iPadOS/Android)

A Mii Maker was a feature of the iOS and Android application Miitomo. Players could either create a Mii from scratch or import one from My Nintendo or a QR Code (from Nintendo 3DS or Wii U). A camera function also allowed users to auto-complete the Mii and optionally edit it later.[2]

Mii Maker (DS/DSi)

The games Tomodachi Collection, Yosuke Ide no Kenkou Mahjong DSi and Kuruma de DS feature their own Mii Makers; which can be seen as precursors to the Nintendo 3DS version. Personal Trainer: Walking uses the same Mii Maker used in Tomodachi Collection

During development of the Nintendo DS, the Mii Maker was originally going to debut on the console.[3][4]

Mii Maker (Switch)

The Nintendo Switch Mii Maker added the non-natural colors from Miitopia back in with even more extra parts to work with, but with a simpler menu. It also allows the user to import a Mii from a amiibo. Unlike the other console versions of Mii Maker, this one contains no background music.

Miitopia Mii Maker (Switch)

The Switch port of Miitopia allows the player to apply Makeup and a Wig to a Mii, allowing for greater customization. These are not retained when a Mii is imported from Miitopia to the system.

Pants colors

There are a few colors a Mii's pants can be, all having different meanings. Gray Pants indicate that the Mii was made by the player, red indicate that the Mii is marked as a favorite, blue pants indicate that it is an imported Mii, such as from a QR code or from another console, and special Miis are marked with gold pants. These can be taken into the StreetPass Mii Plaza for other people the player meets via StreetPass to obtain.

Early content

Multiple elements for Miis are known to have existed in development builds of the Mii Channel, but are not present in the released version.[5]

Unreleased precursors to the Mii Maker

The prototype made by Miyamoto for the Famicom Disk System

During the the Game Developers Conference in 2007, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed information during a keynote speech concerning the long set of ideas and development that lead to the current Mii design. Amongst those idea was a prototype made for the Famicom Disk System that was never released due to not being a idea that could be inplemented in a game at the time.