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Play Coins are a form of in-game currency developed for the Nintendo 3DS. While all sub-games in StreetPass Mii Plaza are centered around Play Coins, the currency is also usable in applications such as Swapnote and AR Games as well as in certain 3DS titles. Walking 100 steps while the console is in sleep mode earns the player a single Play Coin, and a maximum of 10 can be collected each day. The maximum amount of Play Coins that a player can have at a time is 300.

A play coin.


StreetPass Mii Plaza

Play Coins can be used in every sub-game in StreetPass Mii Plaza. Their specific uses are listed in the table below.

Sub-game Uses Costs
Find Mii
  • Recruiting wandering heroes
  • 1 wandering hero for 2 Play Coins
Find Mii II
  • Recruiting wandering heroes and old allies
  • Purchasing potions
  • 1 wandering hero for 2 Play Coins
  • 1 old ally for 2 + the ally's level (1–7) Play Coins
  • 1 potion for 2, 8, or 20 Play Coins depending on the one chosen
Puzzle Swap
  • Purchasing puzzle pieces
  • 1 puzzle piece for 2 Play Coins
Mii Force
  • Recruiting mercenaries and old allies
  • 1 mercenary for 2 Play Coins
  • 1 old ally for 3 Play Coins
Flower Town
  • Inviting old guests
  • 1 old guest for 2 Play Coins
Warrior's Way
  • Recruiting mercenaries
  • Spying on opponents
  • Receiving advice from Wentworth
  • 120–9000 mercenaries for 5, 10, or 15 Play Coins depending on the amount and rank (1–20)
  • 1 round of spying for 2 Play Coins
  • 1 piece of advice for 1 Play Coin
Monster Manor
  • Recruiting investigators
  • 1 investigator for 2 Play Coins
Ultimate Angler
  • Recruiting anglers
  • 1 angler for 2 Play Coins
Battleground Z
  • Finding survivors and being able to retrieve their weapons
  • 1 survivor for 2 Play Coins
Slot Car Rivals
  • Recruiting rivals
  • 1 rival for 2 Play Coins
Market Crashers
  • Recruiting analysts
  • 1 analyst for 2 Play Coins
Feed Mii
  • Inviting heroes
  • Purchasing More Ingredients after closing
  • 1 hero for 2 Play Coins
  • 2 Play Coins per ingredient
Ninja Launcher
  • Recruiting allies
  • 1 ally for 2 Play Coins
Mii Trek
  • Recruiting explorers
  • 1 explorer for 2 Play Coins

Tomodachi Life

In Tomodachi Life, Play Coins are used to purchase special foods from traveler Miis at an island's campground. These foods, which range from 1–5 Play Coins in price, can be bought once the player solves a traveler's problem by giving them the item that they require. A traveler will give the player a special food for free if they have come to the island to visit their parents.

Other games with Miis playable

Pokémon Rumble World

In Pokémon Rumble World, Play Coins could be used at the castle courtyard, which functions as the game's hub world. By spending 10 Play Coins, the player is able to invite three Miis from other players into their courtyard. This feature could be used at no expense once per day.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Play Coins are used as the currency of the trophy shop in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, in which the player can purchase collectible trophies of characters. The amount of Play Coins required varies depending on the trophy chosen. The price of a single trophy can be anywhere from 2–100 Play Coins, though the player has the option to pay in Gold instead.