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Occasionally users on a wiki will disagree on how to best cover something. If two or more users are undoing each other's edits (commonly known as an edit war) and neither is vandalizing the page, then it is a dispute. Disputes should be handled through the following steps as necessary:

  1. {{Dispute}} should be added to the page or section to indicate that the part of it being disputed should not be edited. It should also be protected by an administrator if the entire page is being disputed.
  2. The editors disputing should explain their reasons for their edits on the talk page.
  3. If this fails to solve the issue, a vote should be held on the talk page.
  4. If the vote ends in a tie, then an administrator should settle the dispute.

After a dispute is settled, the section that was disputed should not be edited by the editors participating in the dispute for at least 2 weeks.