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WS Daisuke.png

Favorite color Cyan
First appearance Wii Sports
Last appearance Wii Play Motion
Other appearances Wii Music
Wii Sports Resort
Wii Party
Internal ID 2
42(Wii Music only)
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Daisuke is a CPU Mii that appears throughout the Wii Sports series as well as in other Wii titles.

Game Appearances

Wii Sports

Daisuke's first appearance was in Wii Sports. He appears in Tennis with Theo or Hayley, Baseball, and Boxing, with his dominant arm being consistently left. His rankings in each sport are:

Sport Rank
Baseball 33
Boxing 26
Tennis 8

Wii Sports Resort

In Wii Sports Resort, he appears in Table Tennis, Swordplay, Basketball, and Cycling. His dominant arm in Table Tennis is right. His rankings in each sport are:

Sport Rank
Table Tennis 51
Swordplay 17
Basketball 73
Cycling 26

Wii Party

In the Wii Party artworks, he is playing Shifty Gifts and another playing Lumber Whacks