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Karkaton is the fourth area in Miitopia. It is a volcanic wasteland.


Karkaton Ascent

Karkaton Ascent

A large wasteland to the west of the volcano. It connects to Neksdor and contains Haven Hollow.


The exit of the volcano

A massive volcano.

Karkaton Peak

Karkaton Peak

The area between the volcano and the Dark Lord's Castle.

Dark Lord's Castle

A large castle. It houses the Dark Lord, who is fought there as part of the story and cannot be re-fought.

Hub areas

Haven Hollow

A small cave. The last party members recruited in each of the previous areas are found here faceless along with the Great Sage. The Great Sage joins the Hero after talking to them and the party members also join the Hero after their faces are recovered, leaving it empty.

Map NPCs

The following NPCs appear on the map:


The Dark Lord's Castle is the only sub-area with its own title screen music