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Neksdor is the second area of Miitopia. It mostly consists of desert and a wetter area.


Neksdor Desert

Neksdor Desert

A large desert spanning most of the region. Split into north, west, and east sections. Connects to Greenhorne in the west and Realm of the Fey in the east.

Wetland Way

The Wetland Way and entrance to the Underground Maze

An area separating the west and east parts of Neksdor Desert.

Underground Maze

An underground area accessed from a cave in the south part of east Neksdor Desert. The Genie of the Lamp is encountered here for the first time.

Great Pyramid

The entrance to the Great Pyramid

A large dungeon area.

Hub areas

Neksdor Town

A town with multiple residents. It contains the following NPCs:

Map NPCs

The following NPCs appear on the map:


  • The name “Neksdor” is a play on the phrase “next door”, alluding to the fact that it is immediately adjacent to Greenhorne.