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Greenhorne is the first area of Miitopia. It mostly consists of grass plains and rocky areas, but also has forests and caves.


Easin Hills

The Easin Hills

A basic area with plains and rocky outcroppings towards the west of Greenhorne.

Strange Grove

A wooded area south of Easin Hills.

Riverdeep Cavern

An underground cave with water features east of the Strange Grove.

Castle View

A paved path that leads up to Greenhorne Castle. Also includes a paved path to the east of Riverdeep Cavern.

Nightmare Tower

A tower that appears south of Greenhorne Castle after the Princess' face is stolen.

Wayward Woods

The Wayward Woods

A large wooded area east of Greenhorne Castle.

Arid Frontier

The Arid Frontier

A rocky, dry area between the Strange Grove and Neksdor. Powdered Peaks can be seen from it.

Hub areas

Greenhorne Town

A town with several residents. It contains the following NPCs:

Greenhorne Castle

A building with 3 rooms, a hallway, throne room, and the Princess' room. During the story, it will get attacked by the Dark Lord and become infested with Imps that engage the player in battle when they collide. It contains the following NPCs:

Map NPCs

The following NPCs appear on the map: