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MT Monster Travelerberus.jpg
A (Traveler)berus in the journal.
Uncommon drops Hell Dog ★ (50%)
Rare drops Hell Dog ★★ (50%)
Similar entities Cerberus
Monster order
#237 (Traveler) & Orochi
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(Traveler)beruses are boss monsters in Miitopia. They are yellow dog-like creature with a red spiked collar and three heads. The center head holds a full Mii face, and the outside heads hold a pair of Mii eyes each (although only the face is dropped upon defeat).


(Traveler)berus Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Travelerberus.jpg
6500 363 156 180 85 0 25360 Quests


(Traveler)berus Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Magic All Attacks the entire party with magic. 50% 100%
Nightmare Gives a party member the Nightmare status effect. 20% 100%
Magic Wide Attacks a party member and the Miis adjacent to them. 30% 100%
One more time! Moves 3 times in one turn Two times per turn (100%) 100%