Angry Queen

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Angry Queen
MT Monster Angry Queen.jpg
A Angry Queen in the journal.
Common drops Icy Mints (20% regular enemy)
Uncommon drops Icy Mint★ (20% regular enemy) (50% boss)
Rare drops Icy Mint★★ (3% regular enemy) (50% boss)
Similar entities Ice Queen (Kidnapped Friend)
Wind Queen (Traveler)
Dark Queen
Blue Goddess
Monster order
#174 #176
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Angry Queens are Monsters appearing in Miitopia. They are red, fiery, feminine figures these beings can either appear as tough enemies or as bosses in select quests. They have an entire Mii face..


Angry Queen Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Angry Queen.jpg
1800/900 166/160 89/102 55/63 35/56 0/435 10180/1440 New Lumos
  • The former stats are for the boss version and the latter is for the enemy version


Angry Queen Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Attack Attacks a Mii 35% 100%
Magic all Attacks all Miis using fire magic 40% 100%
Spite Dips the Miis heart into darkness causing the spite status effect. This stops the target from doing attacks and causing events creating resentment. 25% 30%
One-More Time Attacks twice in one turn 100% (Boss only, once per turn)