Elven Potion

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Elven Potion
MT Grub Elven Potion.jpg
A Elven Potion in the journal
Internal name(s) Nostrum00
Journal number(s) 8
Fullness 25%
Grub order
Doggy Doughnut Dynastic Soup
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The Elven Potion is a grub item in Miitopia.


The potion is cyan and inside a glass bottle with gold trim and a cork, with two magical silver rings circling the glass bottle.

Stats this type of grub gives when eaten

Elven Potion
Name Image HP MP Attack Magic Defense Speed
Elven Potion MT Grub Elven Potion.jpg 0 40 0 40 0 0

The NPC who gives the party this type of grub