Flaming Wind

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Flaming Wind
MT Monster Flaming Wind.jpg
A Flaming Wind in the journal.
Common drops Tornado Lemonade (45%)
Uncommon drops Tornado Lemonade ★ (5%)
Similar entities Spring Breeze
(Traveler) Wind
Monster order
#88 #90
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Flaming Winds are monsters in Miitopia. They are orange tornadoes with flames circling them. They hold a pair of Mii eyes.


Flaming Wind Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Flaming Wind.jpg
120 46 16 36 25 180 155 Dark Lord's Castle


Flaming Wind Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Attack A basic attack. 20% 100%
Magic Burn Deals magic damage and inflicts the Burn status effect on a party member. 80% 100%