Geothermal Pizza

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Geothermal Pizza
MT Grub Geothermal Pizza.jpg
A Geothermal Pizza in the journal
Internal name(s) Pizza00
Journal number(s) 96
Fullness 50%
Grub order
Strata Sundae Pixel Grub
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The Geothermal Pizza is a grub item in Miitopia.


The pizza, which is cut into a triangle slice, has toppings of pepperoni, melted cheese, sliced black olives, and a nice and crunchy crust, and is also melty and lopsided.

Stats this type of grub gives when eaten

Geothermal Pizza
Name Image HP MP Attack Magic Defense Speed
Geothermal Pizza MT Grub Geothermal Pizza.jpg 0 0 40 40 40 40

The NPC who gives the party this type of grub