Ghost Mallet

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Ghost Mallet
MT Monster Ghost Mallet.jpg
A Ghost Mallet in the journal.
Common drops Tenderized Tartare (45%)
Uncommon drops Tenderized Tartare ★ (5%)
Similar entities Heavy Hammer
(Traveler) Hammer
Monster order
#108 #110
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Ghost Mallets are a type of Monster in Miitopia. It is a yellow faceless ghost carrying a large wooden mallet as a weapon, this mallet has a pair of eyes belonging to a Mii.


Ghost Mallet Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Ghost Mallet.jpg
188 119 24 34 50 220 440 Eerie road


Ghost Mallet Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Attack Uses a mallet to attack a party member. 60% 100%
Cry Attack Similar to Attack, but gives the Mii the Cry status effect, causing their attacks to have a chance to miss. 40% 100%