Juvenile Snurp

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Juvenile Snurp
MT Monster Juvenile Snurp.jpg
A Juvenile Snurp in the journal.
Similar entities Boss Snurp
Monster order
#260 #262
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Juvenile Snurps are monsters in Miitopia. They are small rainbow-colored creatures with two legs and a black snout. They hold a pair of Mii eyes.


Juvenile Snurp Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Juvenile Snurp.jpg
2000 270 50 50 50 1000 1000 Summoned by the Boss Snurp


Juvenile Snurp Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Crash Attack Two-action attack. On the first action, puts a red reticle on a party member. On the second action, removes shields (including those from the Mage and Elf's skills) from the target and sets them to 1 HP. 100% 100%