Moldy Mummy

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Moldy Mummy
MT Monster Moldy Mummy.jpg
A Moldy Mummy in the journal.
Common drops Mummy Jerky (22%)
Uncommon drops Mummy Jerky ★ (20%)
Rare drops Mummy Jerky ★★ (3%)
Similar entities Mummy
Burning Mummy
Monster order
#200 #202
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Moldy Mummies are monsters in Miitopia. They look somewhat similar to cartoon depicitons of real-world mummies, but are colored entirely dark green and have an open non-Mii mouth with teeth, which are the same green color, and a pair of Mii eyes.


Moldy Mummy Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Moldy Mummy.jpg
770 192 91 105 66 400 2040 4th District


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Do they have a basic attack, if so use chances for that and Eat Weapon
Moldy Mummy Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Eat Weapon Eats a party member's weapon, making them unable to use it. 100%
Magic Single-target magic attack. 70% 100%