Mysterious Crepe

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Mysterious Crepe
MT Grub Mysterious Crepe.jpg
A Mysterious Crepe in the journal
Internal name(s) Crepe00
Journal number(s) 152
Fullness 50%
Grub order
Snurp Radish Fluffy Omelette
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The Mysterious Crepe is a grub item in Miitopia.


The crepe has a square shape and red jam dribbled on it. There are also a dollop of cream, a pink fruit and two mint leaves above the crepe. All of them are placed on a green plate.

Stats this type of grub gives when eaten

Mysterious Crepe
Name Image HP MP Attack Magic Defense Speed
Mysterious Crepe MT Grub Mysterious Crepe.jpg 0 0 0 40 40 0

The NPC who gives the party this type of grub

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 不思議クレープ
Fushigi kurēpu
Mysterious Crepe