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MT Monster Tarantula.jpg
A Tarantula in the journal.
Common drops Spider Roll (45%)
Uncommon drops Spider Roll ★ (5%)
Similar entities Demon Spider
Arachno(Middle Fab Fairy)
Monster order
(Traveler) Woof-o'-the-Wisp "Noble Lady"
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Tarantulas are monsters in Miitopia. They are dark brown spiders with six legs, three red non-Mii eyes, and light brown stripes on their back. They hold several Mii eyes, but only drop one pair upon defeat.


Tarantula Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Tarantula.jpg
176 109 32 0 23 390 960 The Sky Scraper
Eerie Road (Quest)


Tarantula Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Attack A basic attack. 70% 100%
Dance Inflicts the Dancing status effect on a Mii 30% 100%


  • Tarantulas having the Dance skill may be a reference to the Tarantella dance.