Very Dangerous Bomb

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Very Dangerous Bomb
MT Monster Very Dangerous Bomb.jpg
A Very Dangerous Bomb in the journal.
Common drops Bomble Gum (22%)
Uncommon drops Bomble Gum ★ (20%)
Rare drops Bomble Gum ★★ (3%)
Similar entities Bomb
Dangerous Bomb
Monster order
#195 #197
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Very Dangerous Bombs are monsters in Miitopia. They are yellow bombs with a lit fuse. They hold a pair of Mii eyes and a Mii nose.


Very Dangerous Bomb Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Very Dangerous Bomb.jpg
245 158 99 300 48 260 1630 3rd District


Very Dangerous Bomb Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Bomb Explodes upon defeat, damaging nearby monsters. 100% upon defeat 100%
Attack A basic attack. 100% 100%