Warming Soup

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Warming Soup
MT Grub Warming Soup.jpg
A Warming Soup in the journal
Internal name(s) WarmSoup00
Journal number(s) 4
Fullness 50%
Grub order
#003 #005
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The Warming Soup is a type of Grub in Miitopia that boosts HP, Defense, and Speed. Aside from the Roulette and Chests, it is only obtained from the Roaming Gourmet in Powdered Peaks.

The Warming Soup consists of a red broth with chunks of peas, potatoes, and carrots in it. It is served in a yellow bowl with handles, on a placemat with a triangle pattern. The Roaming Gourmet describes the Warming Soup to stay warm even while in freezing temperatures.

Warming Soup
Name Image HP MP Attack Magic Defense Speed
Warming Soup MT Grub Warming Soup.jpg 40 0 0 0 40 40