Frozen Ready Meal

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Frozen Ready Meal
MT Grub Frozen Ready Meal.jpg
A Frozen Ready Meal in the journal
Internal name(s) Frozen00
Journal number(s) 187
Fullness 50%
Grub order
Snowmilk Roast Griffin
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The Frozen Ready Meal is a grub item in Miitopia.


The frozen meal is inside a frozen dinner box, with its cover having Mii lettering and a Beefburger picture on it, and its side having instructions or nutritional facts on it.

Stats this type of grub gives when eaten

Frozen Ready Meal
Name Image HP MP Attack Magic Defense Speed
Frozen Ready Meal MT Grub Frozen Ready Meal.jpg 40 0 40 0 0 0

The NPC who gives the party this type of grub

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 冷凍食品
Reitō shokuhin
Frozen Food