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MT MP Candy models.png
Models for MP Candies in the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia.

MP Candies are restorative items in Miitopia. They can be obtained from Roulette, buying them in the Inn either as their own purchase (giving a chance to get three) or accidentally instead of Stuff, from the Quizmaster, and from events in exploration. They can be eaten during battle or occasionally outside of battle. Their effects can be upgraded by eating more of them. Certain assists and personality quirks can affect how they are eaten or held. Miis can take up to three MP candies when leaving the Inn, but they will only take one if there are sufficient HP Bananas.

Amount of MP restored

MP restored from eating MP Candies
Candies eaten MP recovered
0 10
5 15
10 20
20 25
30 35
40 40
50 45
60 60
70 80
80 100
90 130
100 160
110 200